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Hasbulla x PlugHub

YES! We're the guys that plugged Hasbulla with his Sneakers 😂

When our friend messaged us at 8PM that he could get us in Hasbullas hotel room in Melbourne the next day, we packed our bags and drove 10 hours with a car full of shoes to make it happen.

Without a doubt one of the best choices we've made! Hasbulla and his crew we're extremely friendly and had a major love for Jordans, especially the Travis Scott collabs!
The post exploded and went viral, it was shared globally by Complex & Nice Kicks and all of a sudden we were being recognised all over the world.

We'll never forget this moment as it was one of the craziest experiences of our lives! Shoutout to Hasbulla for his kindness and for not running us down with his drone 
😂 Jokes aside Hasbulla was extremely friendly and was more concerned about getting some shoes for his family back home then for himself!
(And if you're wondering what size Hasbulla is, he's a 8C)

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